1.1 This contract protects the confidentiality of information, which will be shared smoothly
Too long contract, collaboration for production and production cooperation, legal operation.
1.2 A party with confidentiality of information (hereinafter referred to as provider) discloses one
few information for a different part (sau đó sẽ gọi cho người thuông) khớp với tài khoản của
this contract.
1.3 The Common Secrets provided for in this Agreement shall be deemed to be any and any Data
Information in any bashes, even as null or are provided from the same vendor
level, not a information that can not open the job.
The confidential information may include, but is not limited to, the following:
1.3.1 Plans and drawings are considered grounds before printing publications (leaflets,
information, expression, etc.);
1.3.2 Any campaign, plan, information or financial policy, activity, succession
business plan too many, current or future is a vendor of the company.
1.3.3 Software, application for the product or service, customer list, and vendor
1.3.4 Any learning, science, science, science, science, science
techniques, formulas and methods.
1.3.5 Any ideas, statements, data, secrets, unfinished project designs, facilities
development, technical data, software, source code, object code, action plan, database.

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